What does Jesus think?

You Need To Know Why They Killed Jesus ~ Pt. 2

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Jesus’ voluntary1 death and resurrection are the centerpiece and foundation of Christianity.2 But why did they kill Him? The answer has everything to do with how our faith is practiced.

Part 2. He Said What!?

The Pharisees get a bad rap because we can’t imagine someone doing evil things with good intentions. But good intentions are exactly what sent Jesus to the cross.

The Law of Moses is unquestionably clear. Even if they predict the future or perform miracles, the one who tries to persuade people to serve other gods must be executed.3

Now, ask yourself this: If a flesh and blood human being told you he was God, would you believe him?

That’s what Jesus did. He made numerous claims to divinity.

He proclaimed Himself Lord of the Sabbath, a day set apart for worshiping the Creator.4 He claimed divine right to judge souls and receive the same honor as God.5 He, a man, claimed to be one with God.6 He even referred to Himself using God’s own name, Yahweh!7

The Pharisees had a choice. They could radically transfigure their entire belief system and worship Jesus as God. If not, they were required by Law to execute Him.

Jesus often forces us to make a decision. It may be the choice between eternal life and what we’ve been taught our entire life.

Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.”8 Are we willing to make a Person more important than our belief system?

Are we willing to let the truth change everything we think we know?

What if the truth sounds like blasphemy?

How far are we willing to go for Jesus?


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