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To my Trans Neighbor

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To my Trans Neighbor,

I’d like to think we have some things in common. I know what it’s like to be bullied. To question why God made me this way. Or wonder if I will ever be loved for who I am.

But the truth is our experiences, if ever parallel, don’t compare. I have no idea what it’s like to be lumped into a category and put under the national microscope. No one presumes to speak for my identity. I’m not expected to answer questions about my genitals. My bathroom needs are not debated by lawmakers.

Maybe the only thing we have in common is our humanity.

And that’s enough. Because, just like me, you bear the image of God. Who you are is intrinsically beautiful. You have something unique and valuable to offer the world. And I want you in it.

You are welcome in my life. My home. My church. And as much as it depends on me, I will make sure you’re welcome in public spaces. Including the bathroom.

You are invited into the love I enjoy from Jesus. No prerequisites. God’s love is offered freely to the entire gender spectrum. If you can’t believe in Eir love, please accept mine. I will do my best to represent Em well.

If Jesus could afford to give His life for you, I can afford to honor you as my equal, one individually loved and treasured by our mutual Source, the One who is perfect love.

You are loved.

You are invited.

You are important.

Thank you for giving me a chance.


Sincerely, in Christ,

Your Cis Neighbor

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