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You Need To Know Why They Killed Jesus ~ Pt. 1

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Jesus’ voluntary1 death and resurrection are the centerpiece and foundation of Christianity.2 But why did they kill Him? The answer has everything to do with how our faith is practiced.

Part 1. Great Expectations.

The Jews had a biblical understanding of the Messiah. But they were wrong.

They expected a king whose throne God would establish forever.3 They expected a political leader whose dominion would expand to the ends of the earth and bring about a global reign of peace and righteousness.4 Even disciples of Jesus shared this expectation.6

But Jesus would not allow anyone to make Him king.7 He declared His kingdom not of this world.8 It is something that cannot be seen,9 but rather evidenced by the work of the Holy Spirit.10

What’s more, Jesus hardly came across as righteous. Jews believe it is the rabbi’s duty to “make a safety fence [of laws] around the Torah”11, to ensure no one comes close to breaking God’s commandments. Jesus regularly broke those laws and taught against them.12 And, as if to add insult to injury, Jesus kept company with the most hated sinners,13 then railed against the religious leaders for their unrighteousness!14

Jesus’ entire ministry was the opposite of what devout Jews expected. And make no mistake: they were devout. Jesus said the works of the Pharisees appeared beautiful.15 He commended their diligence to the letter of the law.16 The problem was not their lawfulness, but the state of their hearts.17

Today, we Christians are equally in danger of the same sin. We fight tooth and nail to practice biblical values. But are we willing to sacrifice our worldview if Jesus wants to do things differently?

Do we also believe Jesus has a political mission? Are we trying to force a type of dominion He did not preach?

If Jesus showed up in church today, would He look like a Christian? Would He follow our rules? Are you sure?

Would Jesus commend our appearances, like He did the Pharisees, but rail against the state of our hearts?

What if the thing Jesus wants to do today is the opposite of what we expect? Are we willing to hear that we were wrong?

If the Pharisees can teach us anything, it’s that holding a biblical worldview does not mean we will recognize God in our midst.

Our hearts must be truly humble and contrite.18 We must listen to Jesus.19 Even when He doesn’t fit our expectations. Even when He sounds like a sinner.


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